Replica Patek Philippe grand complications 5959P-011 5959P-Platinum watch (9 อ่าน)

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replica Patek Philippe watches

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Journey Time 5164

Patek Philippe unveiled a brand new Aquanaut with dual time-zone functionality at Baselworld year 2011. The new Aquanaut Travel Time ref. 5164 is the ideal traveler’s watch!

Stylish, functional and very comfortable are the words which come to mind when you put the brand new Patek Philippe Aquanaut Traveling Time on your wrist. This can be a true dual time zone view that displays not only house and local time, but also the actual date (appended to the nearby time) and day/night indication. high quality watches replica

The neighborhood time can be adjusted in hrs in both directions by pressing the pusher on the left side of the watch case. The date will be modified to local time, that also means the time will leap back one day. The day/night indicator tells you whether it's time for you to call the office or residence.

Patek Philippe launched the Aquanaut within 1997, more or less a variance of the Nautilus. You can identify the " porthole" form of the Nautilus case. Gerald Genta was responsible for the style of the Nautilus, and even though some say the Aquanaut was additionally designed by Genta, other resources dispute this. buy replica watches

The first Aquanaut ref. 506x was replaced through the ref. 516x in 3 years ago and featured a more processed dial. The design of the rubberized and steel straps has additionally changed, both becoming much more subtle in my opinion. The new Aquanaut ref. 5164 Travel Time features the same stylistic components on the dial and band as the redesigned ref. 516x series.

The actual stainless steel case measures 40. 8 mm (10-4 o'clock) and is water-resistant to a hundred and twenty meters. When the Aquanaut was launched, it was the first watch in order to feature a crystal clear back and provide 120 meters of water proof. The material used in the exotic rubber strap is a amalgamated of multiple materials made to resist salt water immersion, ULTRAVIOLET deterioration and bacterial development.

Patek Philippe uses sapphire crystal to both the sides so the movement could be admired. The new automatic quality and reliability 324 SC FUS features a diameter of 31 milimetre and a height of four. 82 mm. 29 gems ensure that components move along with minimal friction, and the Gyromax balance oscillates at several Hz. The 324 SOUTH CAROLINA FUS movement has 294 parts and offers a 45-hour power reserve.

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